ACCEL India provides Air Conditioning Refrigeration Equipments including Packaged Chilling Units, Graded Castings.
Air Control and Chemical Engineering Company Ltd., India offers AC Refrigeration Compressors, Industrial Fans, Industrial Blowers.
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Supplier of AC Refrigeration Equipment including AC Refrigeration Compressors, Packaged Chilling Units and Plate Ice Machines.
Manufacturer of AC Refrigeration Compressors, AC Refrigeration Equipments by ACCEL India.
Supplier of best quality Packaged Chilling Units for Marine Applications by ACCEL India.
Offers Plate Ice Machines,  Flake Ice Machines by ACCEL India.
Offers Industrial Fans, Industrial Blowers by Air Control and Chemical Engineering Company Ltd., India.
Manufacturer of Graded Castings, Air Conditioning Equipments by ACCEL India.
Supplier of HVACR System, HVAC System, AC Refrigeration Equipments in India.

ACCEL India manufactures Packaged Chilling Units, AC Refrigeration Equipments.   ACCEL Packaged Chilling Units
Preassembled factory tested Chillers, Condensers, Compressors and Motors, Fully Protected by reliable calibrated safety devices, all assembled on a compact rugged base frame.

Refrigerant   R 134(a), R 22, R 717, R 404(a)
Range   5 TR to 400 TR
Sizes   20 different Models
Models   PWC 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80,
    100, 120, 150, 200, 225, 250, 300, 350, 400
Application   Central Air Conditioning, Marine Air Conditioning, Process
    Cooling in Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Textile Industries.
    Food Processing and Preservation, Beverages and Dairy.
Benefit   Chilled water centrally generated, Less duct work than all
    Air system, Greater energy efficiency, Better controllability.
    Minimum maintenance, Longer Life, Low Power Consumption.

ACCEL Packaged Water / Brine Chilling unit Type PWC is designed as a completely factory assembled unit including internal pipelines, electrical leads, etc. and is delivered for ready installation. It requires only connection to power and water pipes to be connected to the chiller and condenser. The standard units are fitted with ACCEL SMC Compressors and are manufactured in 20 sizes.


Base Frame   The whole unit is mounted on a base plate made from CRCA sheet with a tubular steel
    frame to support the condenser and chiller.
Compressor   SMC series open type reciprocating compressor having low power consumption,
    low maintenance cost and high reliability.
Motor   Totally enclosed fan cooled type squirrel cage motor suitable for 415V,  3 phase, and
    and 50Hz power supply. Special design motor can also be supplied as per client
Condenser   Shell and tube type. Designed and fabricated as per ASTM codes & standards for better
    heat exchange, maximum reliability and safety. Condenser shell of steel plate and is
    equipped with a safety valve.
Chiller   Shell and tube type with copper tubes and steel shell insulated with polyurethane and
    fully covered with aluminium plate. Thermo walls are provided for water inlet and oulet
    temperature sensors. Both condenser and chiller are built with a generous factor of
    safety to counteract tropical conditions and water quality for longer service life.
Muffler   Designed and fabricated as per ASTM codes and standards. It arrests the pulsation of
    discharge gas due to reciprocating movement of the pistons and thereby reduces
    vibration of refrigerant piping.
Heat Exchanger   Designed and fabricated from heavy duty seamless pipe with counter flow arrangements
    between low temperature suction gas from chiller and high temperature condenser
    liquid refrigerant to increase the co-efficient of performance.
Liquid indicator   It is provided in liquid line for easy assessment of moisture and air in the system.
Filter cum Dryer Unit   The liquid refrigerant is filtered and moisture is removed before it enters the expansion
    valve. A bypass line is also provided to clean/replace core without stopping the plant
Expansion Valve   It expands the high pressure and high temperature liquid refrigerant to design
    evaporating pressure and temperature. It also serves as a control mechanism for the
    supply of liquid refrigerant to chiller by maintaining the superheat of the out
    going gas.
Instrument Panel Board   Made from thick sheet plate, powder coated, easily accessible. Instrument control
    panel is fitted with gauges, indicating lamps and fuses.
Thermostat and Gauges   Gauges for chilled water inlet and outlet temperature. Thermostat reacts to temperature
    changes and close / open on temperature rise or fall.
Control Panel (Optional)   Made from thick sheet plate. It includes main circuit breaker, DOL / Star Delta Starter,
    power supply to crankcase heater and solenoid valves, indicator lamps and toggle
    Microprocessor based control panel can also be supplied on request.

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