ACCEL India provides Air Conditioning Refrigeration Equipments including Packaged Chilling Units, Graded Castings.
Air Control and Chemical Engineering Company Ltd., India offers AC Refrigeration Compressors, Industrial Fans, Industrial Blowers.
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Supplier of AC Refrigeration Equipment including AC Refrigeration Compressors, Packaged Chilling Units and Plate Ice Machines.
Manufacturer of AC Refrigeration Compressors, AC Refrigeration Equipments by ACCEL India.
Supplier of best quality Packaged Chilling Units for Marine Applications by ACCEL India.
Offers Plate Ice Machines,  Flake Ice Machines by ACCEL India.
Offers Industrial Fans, Industrial Blowers by Air Control and Chemical Engineering Company Ltd., India.
Manufacturer of Graded Castings, Air Conditioning Equipments by ACCEL India.
Supplier of HVACR System, HVAC System, AC Refrigeration Equipments in India.

ACCEL is the pioneer in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Equipment with satisfied clientele in domestic as well as in overseas Installations.

The following Equipment offered from ACCEL :

  Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Compressors

  Packaged Chilling Units

  Plate / Flake Ice Machines

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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment

Modern air conditioning industry has grown with latest technological advancements in air conditioning equipments providing high quality air conditioning and refrigeration services. Wide range of industrial air conditioning and refrigeration include air conditioning and refrigeration compressors, packaged chilling units, plate ice machines, plate ice plant, flake ice machines and many such air conditioning equipments. Industrial refrigeration equipments are used in wide range of industries including pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, mining industry, textile industries and many such sectors for dehumidifying air.