ACCEL India provides Air Conditioning Refrigeration Equipments including Packaged Chilling Units, Graded Castings.
Air Control and Chemical Engineering Company Ltd., India offers AC Refrigeration Compressors, Industrial Fans, Industrial Blowers.
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AC Refrigeration Equipment Company manufactures HVACR System, Industrial Fans and Industrial Blowers.
Provider of Industrial Packaged Chilling Units, Graded Casting by ACCEL India.
News and Events about AC Refrigeration Equipment Company.
Supplier of Industrial Graded Castings, Packaged Chilling Units by ACCEL India.
AC Refrigeration Equipment Company offers Quality Service Support for HVACR System, Industrial Fans and Industrial Blowers.
Offers Best Quality Industrial Fans, Industrial Blowers by ACCEL India.
Offers Plate Ice Machines,  Flake Ice Machines by ACCEL India.

In keeping with ACCEL's commitment to maintain quality standards in the manufacturing of our products, quality checks are introduced at every stage of manufacturing.

In ACCEL different types of Q.C. techniques are used to achieve consistent quality results through conception, design and production in order to produce a product that is capable of satisfactorily performing the intended service or duty.

Offers Best Quality Industrial Fans, Industrial Blowers by ACCEL India.

Our procedure for inspection and testing provides complete details about:

 Recieving Inspection & Testing

All incoming materials are passed after strict inspection & testing as per drawing & then released for production.

 In Process Inspection & Testing

This is carried out as per the process chart. Q.C. department maintains procedure of the product record. No product is permitted to proceed to next stage of process, unless it has passed the current stage of inspection.

 Final Inspection & Testing

Final inspection & testing reports are checked as per QAP and records are maintained for further reference.


  Our compressors are tested and inspected as per our well-documented Quality Assurance Plan.


We have the following test facilities:
 Dynamic balancing of impeller as per ISO 1940, Gr 6.3 and 2.5
 Vibration measurement as per ISO 2372 / VDI 2056.
 Fan performance test as per AMCA 210 and tolerance as per IS 4894 at works.
 Fan performance test at variable voltages between 290 to 520 volts.


We have the following test facilities:
 Chemical properties checked before pouring of metal by carbon silicon analyzer.
 Sand properties.
 Chemical and Microstructure testing of each and every heat taken.
 Hydraulic pressure testing for certain special castings.


Test Facilities are available from :
 LLOYDS & etc.

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